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Butterfly.Our Products

Imp Prints currently has eight products in production: a paint swab, an all-occasion greeting card, a growth chart, birth announcements, mat kits, frame kits, a small (5" x 7") poster and a large (8 1/2" x 11") poster. Paint swabs are available separately, but are included with all of the other products in pink, blue, purple or green. (Please see product details for information on included swabs.) All products are also bar coded.

The paint used in the swabs is acid-free and non-toxic. Once an "Imp Print" has been made, the hand or foot used can be easily washed clean with soap and water.

Please view the images and details for each product by clicking on the links below:

All-occasion Card.All-occasion Card Birth Announcements.Birth Announcements
Frame Kits.Frame Kits Growth Charts.Growth Charts
Mat Kits.Mat Kits Posters.Posters
Hand Print Poster Kits.Hand Print
Poster Kits
Paint Swabs.Paint Swabs

Give an impression to the ones you love.