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Butterfly.Do More Business: Spring Promo

How can your company do more business?

You know that the answer is to bring more customers in to your store. You probably have key products that you advertise during certain seasons to bring in the customers. What do you have for this spring that's fresh, new, inexpensive (low price resistance is important if you want to attract the most customers), and appeals almost as a necessity to a large demographic group?

No matter what your primary line is, this time of year many of your customers "need" a Mothers' or Fathers' Day card.

What if you could offer the most outstanding Mothers' Day or Fathers' Day card and small-gift line in the world, for a low price? There's a solution for your customer. Will that bring them into your store?

I'm suggesting, for a very good reason, that you carry a product that may normally be considered outside your line -- to get more customers into your store. It's like carrying trees at Christmas time.

This is truly the best card for the parent of a young child to give or receive, especially for this occasion. The value of the footprint or handprint your customer will make as a keepsake, far exceeds the cost of the product.

They are unique: Where else besides your store will the customer be able to go, to get them?

They make an impressive and thoughtful gift: Your customers will recognize that.

They are inexpensive: Price resistance is low.

490 million Mothers' and Fathers' Day cards are sold each year in the United States. (Our estimate for Canada is 49 million.) This number breaks down as follows: The cards are actually all-occasion, and can be sold year round (or easily cleared if they are to be carried seasonally).


Although spring (Mothers' and Fathers' Day) is the time of year when our cards so perfectly fill the demand of the season, they also make a great Christmas or anytime card. We have many unique keepsake products that attract customers year round. Retail prices range from a dollar fifty (USD) to nineteen ninety-nine.

For sales that are easy to add on to any small-children's product sale, check out our complete line by clicking our PRODUCTS link, and select products that are right for your store year round.

Give an impression to the ones you love.