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Butterfly.All-Occasion Card

As the name suggests, the all-occasion greeting card is suitable for any occasion. Each card comes with one blue, one pink or one purple swab.

All-occasion card: Product image.
All-occasion card: Display image.. All-occasion card: Package image. All-occasion card: Package image. All-occasion card: Inside image. All-occasion card: Sample image.
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  Product features:
  • Each card comes packaged with a pink, a blue or a purple paint swab and an envelope.
  • Stands out because the paint swab package is attached to the front of the card.
  • Good for all occasions, so you won't have leftovers in your stock room.
  • Unique and different.
  • Space inside for an "Imp Print".
  • Package suitable for hanging with attached paint swab.
  • Package dimensions: 5" x 7" (card folded in half).
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